First off, I would like to thank everyone in the UG community. Everyone is always so helpful, especially in this section. I just didn't want to post a random thread to say it.

With that out of the way, a little introduction: I'm 16, and looking to build a guitar. Time is a factor, so I've decided to purchase a kit instead. However, I would like to customize the fret inlays. Instead of the traditional dots (or birds in some cases), I would like my name. Is it possible to alter this without constructing a new fretboard? Keep in mind I'm only 16. Equipment, skills, and money are limited.

Also, if possible, a killswitch. How would I go about installing a push-button one? How would I go about cuttting holes, wiring, etc. Please word as simply as possible.

Again, thanks for your time and help.
<---GB&C is that way

Seriously, on the fretboard inlays, GB&C will help you a lot more.
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This thread would probably be better there. You might get more/better responces there, as theres luthiers that converse on there.
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Yup head over to the Guitar building section there are people other than 13-17 year olds wondering what guitar they will buy next.