After reading a thread in the pit and being linked to a video
I was wonder what some artists would be for this style of playing

I don't really listen to this sort of music, but I might start to if I can find something
(besides just looking into who some of the songs are originally by)
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They are completly differant genres, first of all. They can cross over, like that video, but don't ocnfuse the two.

For blues, try the basic Delta guys. Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Mctell, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Son House, Charlie Patton.
well there is the string cheese incident which is kinda of a mix of bluegrass and techno very jammy stuff there great. the yonder mountian string band is a great bluegrass band.
check them out..
string cheese incident is amazing, they are a progressive bluegrass band, generally fusing bluegrass and jazz. they also throw in some blues, rock 'n roll, funk and reggae. i would not say they use techno, but they utilize electronica in a fashion similar to STS9 or Disco Biscuits. techno is like house/euro/hardstyle/trance/etc which is more club or rave music than what they do. i highly reccomend listening to them, but DO NOT buy any studio albums they are a waste just get live stuff(they record and sell every live show they play) because they are a jam band.

here are some vids:

Stir It Up>I Know You Rider

Shine pt.1
Shine pt.2


Sometimes A River
Try Old Crow Medicine Show for some great bluegrass/blues tunes, and 16 Horsepower for a more modern bluegrass/rock type thing. Aslo New Grass Revivial and Old & in the Way are great.
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DO NOT buy any studio albums they are a waste ]

I disagree. Untying The Knot is a fantastic album. It is the only studio album of theirs I have heard but it is surely not a waste.

What that guy is playing doesn't seem to really be bluegrass but The Hackensaw Boys have some bluegrass tunes with some sweet blues harp sometimes and as previously stated Old Crow Medicine Show (are old time, not bluegrass but they play some bluegrass sometimes) are great.