Hey everyone i was wondering about evryones fav kind of amp why you like it and the effects you use or would luv to use on it.ill start things off with i like justanything by crate i know alot of ppl dont like them i luv them they dont have tubes so they dont need to warm up and they give off the cleanest and clearest sound and the built in distortion and effects are amazing. the effects i use on it r the boss distortion and this little multi effects and im not a pro at anything so i have no idea wtf im using with it so yea lol also if you are using somthing and u have a recording on ur profile be my guest and post ur link i would luv to hear it i have a recording on my profile of just my amp wit the built in distortion if any one wants to give it a listen but anyways just i would luv to hear ur opinions
Well, I use one of Crate's older tube models, very shimmery cleans, but darker gain channel. I'm satisfied with what effects I'm using, just not how I'm powering them (I NEED A PEDAL BOARD). I play shred, neo-classical, and progressive rock/metal, as well as blues and blues-driven rock. That covers the delay, tubescreamer, and wah; I use the chorus pedal for progressive stuff. Only effect I really want is a Phase 90, but beyond that I'm satisfied with my gear.
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I really like Vox, i like their hybrid combo amps. so you can get the best of both worlds, the effects that come with it are good, I also like their amp voices. You get tube sound, to an extent, but for a lot less. plus you get a lot more volume than you would with a traditional solid state. best amps i've heard, and i've played on a huge tube amp at guitar center, and payed on several marshalls. which i also like.. and stay away from line 6 spiders, they only haveone setting that is any good, (insane is good, crunch and metal are terrible), and it sounds really digital. but some people like line 6, i guess it is personal opinion.
Favourite? ............lol
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I like a wide array of sounds but my favorite is the Vox sound. The sweet shimmer of an AC30 is what I like the most. You don't really need any effects with it really, but a good tremolo and delay is plenty. That and a nice overdrive pedal and you're set.
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some people like line 6, i guess it is personal opinion.

Or bad hearing
There's some surprising amps mentioned here for 'favourites' as I expected it to be all high end gear. Here's a selection of favourites:

Favourite practice amp
Has to be the Roland Cube amps. They're built like tanks, have very decent effects for the money and offer a good range of nice tones. If I didn't want to do any Metal at all then maybe I'd prefer the Vox Valvetronix series but I don't so I won't As a comparison, the worst practice amp I've ever tried was a Fender Frontman, which is truly awful.

Favourite hybrid amp
Strictly speaking I guess this has to be the Spider Valve as it does offer more real valve tone than anything else but against that I think it's just too expensive at the moment. For a more affordable hybrid amp it is clearly the Vox Valvetronix, which is pretty good value. Personally I prefer the XL version but they're all good.

Favourite amp I can actually afford
Not entirely surprisingly it's the one I've got; a Marshall DSL401. In that price range the choice is surprisingly limited as you're above cheap and cheerful amps but not spending enough for anything really good. As is always the case there ends up being a compromise that has to be made and in the case of this amp it comes in the form of needing a pedal to do really high gain but it does everything else very well indeed. It also benefits greatly from upgrades to the valves and speaker and I got around that financial hurdle by getting a mint condition used one instead of new. The end result is really very, very good indeed given that the modified amp only came to a total of £280 and is in exactly the same condition as a brand new one anyway.

Favourite amp if money was no problem
Probably either an Engl Powerball or a 5150 as I absolutely love both of them.
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Favourite? ............lol

A lot of the world that isn't America spells favourite that way.
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That's it :|
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stay away from line 6 spiders.

all i have to say is that i went and tried an ibanez rg170dx and this bc rich on multiple line 6 amps and omg the sound was so muddy i cant stand the sound of them like i messed around with everything couldnt get a gud sound out of it at all like i just stay away from any amp that says line 6
I haven't tried many amps or pedals, but I've got a Tubescreamer in the the mail, and I'm quite happy with my little Fender Champ. I need a wah, and maybe a phaser of some sort, but beyond that, my amps and effects are pretty good.

I want a new guitar though, since I hate the neck of my Ibanez GRX40. The sound is decent though, but it could be better.
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Ibanez GRX40

i luv anything from ibanez thats anything like a strat and i luv the sound of some of there humbuckers give off i just cant find the name of them cause i really want to add one to the squire bullet ive got right now i kno im ghetto lol but i luv the sound it gives its great if you just want like a travel guitar or a practise guitar but somthings on it u gota fix but anyways sry for going off there i got add also i cant stand much anything thats got a tube in it also u should try the boss distortion or a multi effect those are two of my favs lol and i got em both
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A lot of the world that isn't America spells favourite that way.

A lot of the world that is American spells it that way too.
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