Hey i just recorded a song quikly yesterday. Its blank right now because its just my acoustic guitar and nothing else. If any of you guys have any crits about it tell me please i will accept it. Thanx
That song is pretty simple. Its probably in my top ten fav instrumental song on UG. I don't know exactly how long you have been playin, but I will guess about 2 years. Um the chords don't have weird voicings or any coloring, so thats means that your song has probably been played closely before, BUT your chord progession is really really long. I think with the right sing, it could make a beautiful song. There is one part that I was not a fan of though, and that was around 2:38. You began to do these weird chords that were kind of similar. I think you need to go back through that section, and play the chords slowly. Try to find out where the chords are pushing to. Play the first 2 or 3 chords, then try to hear the next chord that would fit right in your head, and repeat. I have been playing for a while, and my chord progressions are weird and more complexed, and that makes me really appreciate your simplicity I think. Thats probably why I like it so much. Good Luck My Friend