I have a few lesson DVDs that I'm looking to pass on. All of them are in great working condition. I'm listing the price I bought them for but I do not expect anyone to buy them for that price. Anyone interested can make an offer. Aside from an acceptable offer, all i ask for is shipping costs. They are all recommended buys to build an arsenal of terrifying shred technique. You can save alot of money by buying them used from me than buying full priced. You can make an offer to buy them individually or take the set of all of them for the right price.

Frank Gambale's Modes: No More Mystery ($29.95)
This DVD breaks down all you need to know in relation to mode to a simple and easy to understand format. Great for anyone who wants to learn to solo or improvise using modes. It some's with a chart that has each mode layed out in an easy to follow format that outlines the modes exactly as Frank explains them.

Frank Gambale's Monster Licks and Speed Picking (29.95)
Frank Gambale's step by step guiding to building massive sweep(economy) picking chops. A study of this will help anyone to master sweep picking in more ways then just sweep picking anything from arpeggios to scales and even pentatonics.(booklet included)

Frank Gambale's Chop Builder (49.95)
This DVD is a great tool for anyone looking to build guitar chops. It covers everything from alternate picking to sweep picking. These exercises will surely help improve dexterity and strengthen your hands.(booklet included)

Paul Gilbert Get Out Of My Yard Guitar Instructional (29.95)
This DVD showcases Paul Gilbert teaching the best licks off his first all instrumental guitar album, Get Ouf of My Yard. Paul gilbert also explains techniques he uses such as breakdown of alternate picking, atring skipping arpeggios and string bending.

Paul Gilbert Instense Rock: Complete (29.95)
This DVD shows Paul Gilbert in his first two guitar instruction videos ever. Teaches sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping, sequencing, phrasing and dynamics. I personally recommend this DVD. It really helped me kick off my shredding, although I would also recommend having at least intermidiate skill before attempting many of these licks.

Paul Gilbert Terrifying Guitar Trip (29.95)
By far one of my favorites. This DVD is as entertaining as it is informative. Paul Gilbert runs through the bag of tricks that has gotten him recognized all over the world plus he teachs some of his favorite licks from his songs with Mr. Big and Racer X.

Yngwie Malmsteen (29.95)
This DVD has the great Yngwie Malmsteen teaching licks for the neo- classical shredder. Warning: beginers beware.

John Petrucci Rock Discipline (49.95)
G3's own John Petrucci provides instructional material, along with live G3 Tour Footage, backstage material with John, hilarious bloopers, the interactive feature of John's Ernie Ball Guitar, a Dream Theater discography, DVD-ROM features, lots more. (booklet included)*ripped this particular description from amazon, but it's late and I'm tired =)*

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