This is by far some of the most creative and original stuff I've personally heard on UG. You guys sound awesome without a drummer and singer but once you fill those positions I think you guys will take it to the next level. Great stuff, keep it up, and I can't wait to hear more.
I'd totally do something in this band if you guys weren't in ****ing Alaska. Awesome stuff.
that's some pretty sweet stuff.
I hope you get Anthony Greenish vocals they would sound truly awesome.

but good luck finding new members! you've got a solid foundation to build from.
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Wow wasn't expecting that kind of response

We have a couple solid choices for drummer to decide between, but singer is much harder. Anthony Greenish vocals would be amazing but uh I'll never find those haha.

Thanks guys!
Quote by Tsunoyukami
This stuff is sounding really good. Everything seems to blend together in a good way, and these are definitely solid sounding songs.

Thanks man! I really wish we had a singer though We have some girl that is down, but I've never heard her sing. Her boyfriend was the singer in my first band and my hardcore punk band though. I'm thinking her voice will work if its a really powerful, somewhat medium chick voice. Probably won't work out though
Quote by Say Ocean
Haha thanks guys. Any suggestions? What type of singer do you think would sound best?

try to stay away from screaming vocals, they make the music seem more generic.
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Do you guys like UnderOATH? I think you a bit like the Define the great Line and TFoT's Doppleganer Good stuff
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