Iv'e had a few plays of jags in the local shops and really like it. The only thing i want is humbuckers. I looked on the fender website and saw the classic players hh and am thinking about buying that.

The only problem is that i live in Australia and we can't get them out here. Should i get one from overseas on the internet? I'm thinking about ebay .Or are there any online stores that are recommended and that ship to Australia?
Pretend we're dead..
jaguars and humbuckers? sacrilegious imo


actually thats funny i was playing 2 of them no more then 12 hours ago lol


i would try ebay or i would goon fenders website and check store locations near you

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

we cant get the classic player special hh in australia.... it sucks anus.
Pretend we're dead..