So for my 18th birthday I bought a nice fender tele. The guitar sounds great, but there is something screwy with the neck. One side is perfect and has a slight amount of relief,but the other side looks like it has a few raised frets from the second to third fret. It then however continues to have the same set relief as the other side. Now I'm worried I may have a twisted neck and this would be the second one I had to deal with(first was an ibanez acoustic). Like I said the guitar sounds good and normally i abide by the rule that if it sounds good don't mess with it but I'm gonna kick myself if its a problem that needs attention and I don't attend to it, because I love this guitar. So I'm just looking for some input on wether or not I should worry about this .
It's pretty hard to tell from a description; would you be able to take a good pic?
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
unfortunately I'm away from my house for a week so not right now, i understand its hard to diagnose without a picture. Normally I would pass it off as high frets, but it is only on the one side of the neck so that's what makese fear it may be twist. Its funny though, I've had a guitar with a twisted neck before, my old ibanez acoustic and there was definite playing problems,like irresolvable frets buzz. But my electric plays beautifully without any really bad fret buzz. So this keeps me a little optomistic
If you're so concerned I'd get an opinion from a music store.
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