when i save up the money was thinking about getting a blues junior and a standard MIM telecaster or possibly the new american standards. as far as pedals go i was thinking of getting a metal-muff and the dd-3 boss delay pedal. tell me what ya think? is this a good setup or not.

Total with MIM: $1,069 without tax.

Total with MIA: $1,469 without tax.

btw the american standard is 800 dollars at my GC. later afifan.
The Blues Jr is a great amplifier. If you are looking for the Fender sound in a small package, that's what to get. The Telecasters are great too, both the Mexican and American. Have you taken a look at the Lite Ash Telecasters though? They are about as expensive at the Mexicans but have better pickups and in my opinion play a bit better than the Mexican.

Metal Muff is good I suppose, if you want to play metal. The DD-3 is a solid delay pedal.