Im considering making or ordering a one piece bodied prs style axe, or even a one piece whole guitar which ive seen in a few places. Has anyone tried either, and is it a lot more expensive to get wood that size?
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it'll be really expensive and if you screw up your ****ed

Seriously, most companies don't use one piece bodies. They normally use 2 or 3 piece bodies.
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one piece bodies aren't that expensive. I got my one piece ash body blank for £30- 3 pounds more than a two piece. And as for for one piece guitars? You probably saw a neck through or a good set neck joint
it is possible, yeah. There would be a LOT of wasted wood though. It's be pretty easy if it didnt have a neck angle and only a slight headstock angle.
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I haven't made it yet- nearly finished my designing though... The only reason I chose a 1 piece body is because I'm having a jigsaw puzzle of yew/amazique on the top and wanted to have a resonable sustain.
With a piece that size I would imagine you could have significant warping...
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