Is there such thing as a program that you just load a song into it and it just tabs it out for you? I don't mind tabbing things out myself or getting them of the internet UG of course but it would be really cool.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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haha... Why not one play the guitar for you, too.
If you know the basics of digital audio you will know that is almost an impossible dream to have such program. Computer doesn't know jack about music instruments.

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I have used one that analyzed all the frequencies of sound at a particular time and you could work out roughly what note was being played, but you have to slow it down to like 1/16th time to get it accurate and it took ages.
Didn't tab it for you, just told you what note it was via a spectrum thingy.
Much easier to develop your ear and do it by ear than to use that program.