..help me interpret these lyrics? To me it sounds like they are singing about the war going on but according to my teacher, the topic is racism against indigenous australians


Here I come now with a story, of the human races’ diminishing glory,
Do you think it's o.k to keep falling further from the sun?
Cause, while they’re making the decisions,
When we people speak up they don’t listen,
So don’t you dare go and die for this system
I’m telling you that‘s wrong..
SO come and be open, Come and get wise,
You think they’ll protect you, but don’t realise,
The war that they make only takes away life,


They’ll sell you their stories and tell you what’s right,
Promise you glory if you go and fight,
But don’t send their own kids to war in the night,


CHORUS: Come and check your head,
Come and check your head,
Against what is right!
Contemplating, what they’re doing,
Situation, something’s brewing,
They’ll keep tryin' to tell us we’re wrong,
But we keep believing strong, so
May we wake up from this slumber
Like their spell we’ve been living under,
'Cause this battle’s about to get hotter,
I feel it in my heart!
AND next time you’re waiting for something to change,
Instead of just sitting and wasting the day ,
The struggle it breathes now and calls out your name,


They start to betray you when thinking of one,
There is no shame greater than what they have done,
When all their rewards were reaped under a gun.



(and) I know you feel it,
When we talk this way,
'Cause there just is no denying,
May the world we live in now,
Carry me today, see our colours keep on flyin’ eeeyeah!
SO come make your own mind and use your own eyes,
You see what they’re doing and know it ain't right,
And there ain't nothing wrong with us wanting to fight.


There is a resistance that grows everyday from following
Blindly to leading the way,
And it's not gonna give up till FREEDOM gonna stay,



its come and check your head by blue king brown


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