I'm planning on buying a decent sized practice amp. I've heard on here very good things about the VOX VT 30 watt 12" amp. I found two on GC (one was 259, one was on sale for 229).

If I get one of these, or something comperable (advice on a practice amp welcome) what should I do for a cab? I need to be able to play over drums, bass and a singer. I don't need extreme volume, the 30W should be fine for basement practice sessions, but I'd also like to be able to do small gigs.

I found a Marshall 4-12 for 200 or 250 dollars. It had good speakers, and an awesome price. I'm obviously on a budget, and I'd like to not spend more than 250 on a cab and less if possible. My friend also has two Behringer 4-12's that he'd sell for 100 each.

What should I do?

I play punk/heavy rock, not much clean at all or I'd be using an acoustic that's through a mic.
the vox might get over drums by itself
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