hey everybody

i usually play hardcore/metal and ive been learning a bit of metallica lately and i learnt nothing else matters which is a clean fingerpicking song and it took me a while but now i want to learn some more songs like this so if you know of a easy song that uses fingerpicking could you please tell me

classical gas is way to hard and i dont have gutiar pro or power tabs and theres no other versions for diabllo tristram theme. and yeah i learnt stairway, that is an awesome song thanks
The picking is a little tricky to get used to but once you've got it, the rest of the song is fine
there is a good instructional video on youtube for classical gas...should make it quite a bit easier.
Tears In Heaven ftw!!
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Classical Gas is an excellent one!

One of the first i learned (finger picked)
Was difficult at first, but i got through it and am so glad i can play it now. Sounds great.
Dust In The Wind - Kansas
Classical Gas - Mason Williams
Tears In Heaven - Clapton
Ocean - John Butler Trio

just tune to Open C and mess about in that tuning. its near impossible to play anything that sounds bad in it
White Stripes - We are going to be friends
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