Hey everyone.
As it stands, I have a vox ad50vt which i dont really like much. Mainly because of the way that it cant handle any kind of nice overdrive.
Long story short, I tried out an Epi VJ head and cab in my local shop because i saw the same amp as a deal for £120 *$237.035* which seemed pretty good to me. I really liked the clean tone from it and it seems to suit what I play. *anything bar thrash and upward*

I have an SD1 lying about, could this get me a slightly beefier sound without sounding like mud? *ad50vt anyone?*
The EQing problem isnt really a problem as i have a GE7 about and the range of tones available from just using guitar controls covers loads really.

annnyway, sorry for long posting but do you guys a) think that £120 is a good deal? and b) think that it would be a good idea for me to sell the vox and buy the VJ?

- Sam
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There's less versatility with the VJ, but infinitley better tone. If you have a nice Multi FX then I say go for it.
The SD-1 might add to the mud. It's got a huge mid bump just like tubescreamers (the circuits are extremely similar) but I still think it would sound better with the VJ. The key is to set the VJ to where it almost breaks up so that the mid bump won't be as noticeable.
Well I'd be happier spending a little more on a few effects that would make it all sound better than having them left in a drawer because they make my amp sound terrible.
I guess it all depends on how much i can get for my vox. PMT said £40. For an amp that's about a year old that seems ridiculous.
I'll see if anyone I know wants it.
Its Getting Better All The Time
£40 for the AD50VT is bull****. Completely ridiculous. It costs £180 new or so, you should be able to get at least £90 for it. Heck, I got 2/3 of the list price for my AC15, using the same formula you should be able to get £120 but don't count on it.

It depends on where you sell it. It's better to sell it yourself than try to get a store to sell it for you, they always take all the money themselves.
Thats what im thinking. £40 is stupid money. I think i could sell it to a friend for £120. then I'd basically be trading amps.
ill see what i can do. Though I have a week really to do this... I'm away for the two afterward and I bet that the offer is over and I'll have missed it.
I can hope.

Thankyou all
Its Getting Better All The Time
you can get a harley benton ga15 for about £115 off thomann. ive heard its very similar to epi valve standards so if you want the extra wattage it might be worth a look.
An eq can also take some mud out. Just a thought, also - the GA15 is worth a look as well as three10 stated.