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any famous ppl(ppl in bands, pr0n stars, celebs) frequent the ug threads?

more specifically the pit?
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

Space that ain't yours
Probably not. They'd have better things to do.

I know I'd still come on UG if I ever became famous though

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fill it with used condoms and a note that says

"Last night was amazing. I love you.

No. They hang at the Search Bar.
A real popular place that pit monkeys never go to.
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You should be careful what you say. Some asshole will probably sig it.

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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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I can fap to this. Keep going.
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Looks like The Rock's became a transvestite. :/

I did.

Got a problem?
yeah me...guess which famous person i am
Sig space available, give me some praise
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Kirk Hammet posts a new thread every few hours in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum looking for Wah pedals.


cant stop laughing.......great
I've heard of loads of people allegedly having a UG account: the guys from Bring Me The Horizon, one of the guitarists from Protest The Hero, Travis Stever from Coheed & Cambria, Thomas Erak from The Fall Of Troy, Jeremy Davies from Paramore, one of the Kill Hannah guitarists and apparently Omar Rodriguez Lopez. I doubt all of them.
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i tried the search bar =/

it just doesn't like me an my sirch turms

Oh dear........

And famous people have better things to do. On the other hand, I have nothing better to do.
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I think "The Searchbar" does, but not many people have heard of him.

EDIT: Dammit, beaten twice.
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Confused? Good.

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Sigs are wastes of my precious screen space.

^ Irony

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sirchbarre joaks r fur noobs

n thnx fur another underwhelming "maybe" pit =/

Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

Space that ain't yours
Hi, I'm Bob Dylan, i mainly use this site for tabs but occasionally i take a look in the pit
Apparently Ted Nugent has an account on here but he never logs on.
Having not read the thread, I'm going to assume this formula for a joke has never been used before and is totally original:

Hey guys, I'm Paul McCartney!
Hey guise, I'm a celebrity.

Not really, but I will embarrass Rob Chappers. He's a member, and he's cool. Could it get any better?
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you truly are a prince of men

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I get naked FOR my dog.
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Hai Guise!

It's Satan here... anyone who wants to sell their soul?

oh pick me!

I want you to McChicken Premiers back, god i miss them
"Swim in a lake of death, eaten by crocodiles!"

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I'm Spartacus.

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I consider myself to be really intelligent and I've gotten into a fight coz this kid thought it was nasty to put sour cream on enchiladas.

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The fact that I went TOO high singing a Darkness song on Singstar

I read in an ug interview that the guitarist of bullet for valentine uses UG
Hello. I was wondering when you'd all find out I was Tom Hanks.

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HelloHalo, I love you.

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