Alright guys.
Im getting a new guitar soon but im having some trouble deciding.
Im thinking of getting either this:


Or this:

Jackson DKMG dinky

What do you reckon? They are both the same sort of price. Around £500 - £600
Anyone had any experience with either of this?
Is there any other similar guitar you would recomend? I want that shape with a floyd rose and active EMGs.

I think the Schecter Damien 6 is similar to those. And it plays like a dream!
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i like the Jackson, based on specs and looks. it's one of my dream guitars
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Jackson. Because the trem is better, and Jackson's built quality seems higher to me. Always found that ESP's had a cheap feel. And the LTD's are even worse. But that is personal. I know alot of people who think otherwise.
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the esp, but you do know that ibanez are better

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If it had to be one of those two, for me it would be the Jackson as that's what I was originally going to get but I found that fo me the Ibanez just felt better in every way. If it was me I'd either get this:


Which gives you everything the other two do plus a thru neck (you'll never want to go back) and probably better overall quality but you'd have to try them for yourself obviously, that's just my preference. As an even better alternative, try this:




Both of these guitars are effectively being replaced by the RGT6EX that I mentioned first but these have a genuine advantage over that one. Both have the same beautiful thru neck but they have a mahogany body instead of basswood and that is generally seen as an advantage. They are also cheap enough for you to load it with EMGs if you wanted to. Personally I think there are better options out there for pickups but again, that's just my point of view.
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Go to the music store and play them.
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dude they look the same guitar from the but with different necks so they will sound similar assuming they both have the 81/85 emg set up so its all preference man go and play em and decide
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Out of those 2 i would say that the Jackson is better because i heard that ESP's under $800 are not worth buying. For looks i like the Jacksons, it also has nice cutaways. I never played either, i am just telling you what i heard and think of those 2 guitars.

But there are better guitars than those in that price range i am sure.