The pear. That holy green eyeless creature, painted sitting majestically atop a hill, with white text below, proclaiming "lol wut."

It is gone forever, banned and never coming back. The groups, petitions and the like are hopeless. We must allow it to fade into the depths of yesterday.

Instead of petitioning for the pear's release, I propose that we create a replacement. I am calling all artists, photoshop wizards, and general nutjobs to create an appropriate heir to this laughing fruit.

A few ideas:
-The "lul huh?" apple
-The "my, your post makes little sense, yet I find it quite humorous" strawberry
-The "are you high?" pineapple

Or, think of your own!

If there are enough entries, I'll start a thread to vote on which one should replace the pear.
kill all humans
You ought to stop making spam threads or you'll be banned within a matter of minutes.
¤´¨留話 請留話 請在我說完後
¸.•´¸.•´¨¸.•¤¨哭泣我不在這裡 我不在那裡請在嗶一聲之後留
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´(´¸.•¤´`¤下自己的秘密請在嗶一聲之後對話筒沾自喜請在嗶一聲之後對空氣唉聲嘆氣

我不在這裡 我人在哪裡 我想到哪裡¤




How about a LULZ Taco.

i hate the pear anyways....
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