hey i was wondering if anyone knows how to get fukd up using drug interactions? im not talkn about ur avrg alcohol n marijuana, but using prescription/ over the counter drugs to mix with other substances pushing the boundries of getn wasted to new levels which im experimenting with, im not dumb enough to do a heath ledger or anything but, E.g kids where overdosing on ecstasy by eating those bindeez plastic beads which when mixed with the glue or somthin formed ecstasy in ur stomach = GODLY, if only i could get my hands on some of those
Drug thread

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Eating plastic beads and glue sounds dumber than anything Heath Ledger did. Stop being a pussy and take a real drug.
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drink loads of cough syrup itl get you stoned and tragically ill. Or eat loads of nutmeg so you hallucinate and throw up loads (Y)
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