This short instrumental was inspired by the kind of music you get on games (like Final Fantasy) because i'm a big fan of them and wanted to try and make my own, i've given it a short guitar solo (admitedly not my best work) to give it a more modernised theme. So please tell me what you think, C4C.
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That was awesome. The return to the main theme at 55 is my favorite part. The guitar solo is great, but unexpected. The change at 40 is welcome and definitely helps mix things up a bit. Everything leading up to the guitar solo is great, I never got bored. There is a dissonant harmony at 53 and 54, it doesn't sound bad but I just wanted you to know it was there. Overall it was solid and I could definitely hear this in a video game, reminded me of Fable.

If you wanna C4C, go for Hammerman or Walking the Plank. If you like metal that is, if you don't like metal then go for Bubbletoad.
it works well, this could easily be adapted for orchestra, i also noted the clash in harmony at 53 and 54, it isnt dissonant, just not as favourable as the rest of the pieces harmonies
Thanks guys, i'll look up those your stuff tommorow as I won't be able to ATM, i'll take a look at 53 and 54 aswell.