I've heard bad things about the Edge III bridges, but the RGTs especially are like, my dream guitars. I'm sorry if this is addressed in another thread, but is it possible to replace Edge-IIIs with -Pros or -Zeroes? Or are they not as abysmally awful as they're made out to be? Thanks!
Well, from what I know, some of the Edge III routed guitars can be fitted with OFR's, but some can't because of post spacing sizes and such.

I'm more of a fan of fixed bridge guitars for stability and such, but right now it seems Ibanez is trying to sell to the young shredder market, so they slap trems in pretty much every one of their mid range guitars.
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they're not too bad, but the tuners on them are crappy and its nowhere near an edge pro or an OFR. i'd upgrade if this is your stage guitar
There are only 3 RGT models currently in production and 2 of those have an edge-zero on them, just save your money for one of those.
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Right, thanks... Ack the one I like (RGT42DX) is one with the Edge-III... So I guess I just gotta buck up and deal with it, or figure out which parts'll fit which. This should be good ;p Thanks guys!
do not get one with an edge 3 it truely sucks belive me i ignored all the negative feedback and it really dissappointed me
I have an rg320ex and I haven't had any issues with my edge 3 bridge, the only complaint I would have have would be that down tuning is simply a pain in the ass, so I would really recommend getting a "tremel-no", its like 50$ buts its so amazingly worth it if you enjoy using a tremolo and play a wide range of music. overall the rg series is a great guitar for a mid range price!
I stay away from any and all Ibanezs that have edge IIIs. They're ridiculously horrible beyond belief.
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They made of soft alloy metals so over time and use, the metal contacts (knife edge's) will wear away and lose tuning stability.