In the last year or so I've started to actually write some good lyrics. But now everything kinda sounds the same. The lyrics I write are either grunge or hard rock. I suck at writing slow songs so how could I fix that? Now I'm trying to write punk lyrics and I wanted to know if anybody had any hints with writing those types of lyrics. In your mind what are some other genres of music I shoud try writing?

Thanks for the help
Well, if you're going to try writing other stuff, you listen to other stuff. I can't suggest any genres other than the ones you said you wanted to write. Just listen to everything. As far as slow songs, it depends on what genre. Slow and soft are two different things, as some slow songs are very heavy.
^^ Pretty much. IMO, you should try to explore music more. Listen to everything, and as for writting just write what ever comes to you. Experience is key, eventually you will become very good. Just rember to explore and practice.