I've been playing for about a year now and I've finally upgraded my bass and amp this summer and now I'm looking to get a pedal. I play alot of blues and funk so I've been looking into some envlope filters and wah pedals. My band plays a few Muse covers and as well as being a big fan of Chris' tone i've been considerng getting a fuzz pedal as well, El Grande Bass Fuzz to be exact. Which pedal of these would be the most versatile for me and would get the most use?
Muse! Check musewiki.org out for Chris`s gear. He uses a Fuzz pedal yeah (a Double for Hysteria I red on musewiki I thought, and for funk is a Wah Pedal is nice. And for Alt-rock is a Wah Pedal also nice. Glorious, is with the Wah Pedal used really slow. And checkout some songs from RATM or Audioslave. They have pretty much songs with a Bass Wah Pedal.
Get which ever you will use most.
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