So i want a custom guitar but ive been quoted high prices by luthiers so i was considering taking classes in guitar building so i could build a prs for myself and maybe more in the future. How difficult would you say it is? Ive never done woodwork of any kind apart from like making a table at school or something lol.

Also in the UK anyone know how much i could get the high quality wood for as this spec

One piece mahogany back and one piece neck
Bubinga/Padouk top
if you've got the money and the patience you can build anything you like.

You need to buy a book by Melvyn Hiscox - Make Your Own Electric Guitar.

That'll give you all the info you need to start off with.
You can make them yourself, but don't expect your first ones to be anything like PRSs or GIbson Customs.
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I wouldn't start with plywood, but I wouldn't start with something that has a cutting ban on it either. I'd suggest a good mahogany alternative like african mahogany for the 1st guitar.
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Unless you've got access to the tools to shape and manufacture a finished body from a blank and all the rest of the tools needed for the neck, ect. you've got some money going out for these tools, plus your cost of materials. If you can't afford to borrow/use/rent the tools and equipment, would you consider paying for the neck and body, and then finish the assembly on your own?

In a more perfect world we'd all have a shop full and happy with tools.
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You've been quoted high prices because it takes a very long time to hand build a custom guitar. There is also a lot of skill and experience required to make a good one.

I'm in school right now to learn to build them. It's costing almost $11,000 and takes 6 months... 20 hours a week. It's a pretty serious class.

One man building a guitar could spend days on just yours. He has to charge you a lot of money to cover the hundreds of dollars in materials and hours upon hours of labor.

Unless its CNC machined, cutting build time down drastically... but the cost of the CNC is outrageous in itself.
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