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Bit like "What Song Are You Listening To Now?" Thread, but this for people who have cars of their own.

*Sigh* If you don't have a car of your own, then post whats in your parents....

Or if you don't have a CD Player in your car for some reason, then what cassette ( ) or MP3 you have last played.

Mine is Pendulum - In Slilico
Good music to listen to real loud and pretending to be a chav to.....

My Devin Townsend mp3 Disk, covering various albums, it only ever comes out to be added to.



audioslave's self-titled cd i believe... not too sure though.
my gear: ibanez destroyer( with gibson 500t pickup), epiphone les paul plus,ampeg electric, marshall jcm2000 triple super lead half stack
Tool - 10 000 Days

It didn't work though, which really $%^&* me off. I'm yet to take it out though.
At All Cost - Circle of Demons
Mesa Single Rectifier
Marshall 1960A vintage
Rg3exfm1 w/ EMG 85/81
Big Baby Taylor Acoustic
Ibanez TS808
12 disc changer, current CD - Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Guitars - Fender Deluxe Player Strat, Squier Affinity Strat, Ibanez TCM - 50

Amps - Fender Blues Deluxe

Effects - Boss ME-50

Other - Banjo

Jazz Is not music, Its a way of life
RHCP's Blood Sugar Sex Magik
or Get Born by Jet...can't remember
"This is The End, beautiful friend, The End"
Relativity by Emarosa.
Ibanez GSR200FM
Ibanez SW35 amp

Jackson JS30RR
Cheap fender amp

Getting a better guitar amp after christmas.

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream although I always have my iPod hooked into my stereo
brian setzer - the dirty boogie

get some funny looks though
"Play one wrong note and its wrong, play two and its jazz" - Miles Davis
Some Garth Brooks Cd. It's actually the only country I can stand. But whenever I'm in the car I listen to my iPod or if I'm driving I turn the radio off.
I use my iPod via iTrip :]

I've just been listening to the Arctic Monkeys a lot lately.
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CD?? you must think im ****in rich... haha nah man i roll with them cassettes son 8)

But umm i think its either some queen album or paranoid im not even sure
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...And The Circus Leaves Town by Kyuss
By far the greatest summer-driving-music ever!
Currently, Steal This Album and Wezzer (blue album)
Epiphone G-400
Yamaha Pacifica (Mod on hold due to procrastination)
Rocktron Banshee
Marshall 10CD

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Screaming Females - What If Someone Was Watching Their T.V.?
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My car has a casette, but there's been a tape jammed half in/half out for about 6 years, and I dunno what it is, because it won't play, or come out.
a mix with JM and paco de lucia.
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A Dustin Kensrue/Thrice CD I made with Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV and Dustin's Please Come Home on it.

As well as 9 others.
I usually hook up my iPod to my car... but I currently have The Black Crowes' "Freak 'n' Roll... Into the Fog".

nom nom nom nom nom
Looking for my India/Django.
Four Year Strong's 'Rise Or Die Trying'

great f**kin CD

Check out my self-recorded demos on my profile!!! C4C

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Black Album Needs a bit of a bass boost, but its ok. But my favourites are prettymuch anything with micheal jackson. One more car one more rider by clapton, and Guns N Roses greatest.

BTW I am sort of a carstero nut. Of cause there is people with more shi.t than I got, But I got a full stack og pioneer refrence series equipment. From the player to the tweeters Crazy expencive but friggin awesome to listen to.
Stuff:VOX AD50VT
Gibson SG faded
Old steelstringed calssic
Hag Viking

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