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Yes, all the time
12 28%
12 28%
12 28%
I don't have a pet :(
7 16%
Voters: 43.
For special occasions like christmas, birthday etc.

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I give my beagle lots of toys at christmas and his birthday!
My present for my pets is to not abuse them as much.
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On her birthday, yes
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I congratulate you good sir on being EPIC.
I don't, but my family do.

The dog is just as happy with an old plastic bottle as she is with some stupid toy.
my mom does for her cats...
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I do. My guinea pigs get 2 birthdays - their 'official' birthday(the anniversary of when I got them), and their real birthday(or an approximation of it, anyway).
Basically, they get special food that they don't usually get, like a live lettuce, or basil plant or maybe a freaking huge tomato.
yeah i used to wrap up a tin of cat food for my cat for xmas and put it under the tree ^_^
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I sometimes get my rabbits toys and normally on their birthday (they're twins) they get some strange rabbit treats the pet shop told me to buy them and more attention than normal.
When I had a rabbit I got him some special chocolate every christmas.

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I get my dog a rawhide or toy or something for Christmas and her birthday.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
I used to give my girlfriend presents...does that count? I did keep her locked inside and I beat her when she crapped on the carpet.
yea sometimes...I think we used to get my cat a mouse for her birthday every year...but we haven't for a while
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
My dog is an idiot. Every morning we give her an empty actimel bottle thing and she's happy for hours.

Buy her a ****ing stocking with all sorts of cool stuff I would even kill to have and she doesn't care.

It's like being kicked in the heart...


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I don't, but my family do.

The dog is just as happy with an old plastic bottle as she is with some stupid toy.

Exactly. Pets are animals. They don't care if what you give them looks funner or somehow more entertaining, has long as they can put their teeth or claws on it. I find it especially amusing when this happens with cats. Cats are indepedent enough to have fun by themselves, literally. Not to mention rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets. Lmao.

And I do have a dog and a cat.