Since I play in drop C or Drop B and I would like to know were I can get my scales in the tuning I'm using?
the scales shapes stay the same besides the low c, the names change. example instead of playing a D minor starting at fifth fret your actually playing a C minor
You can figure them out yourself. A C major scale is CDEFGABC regardless of the tuning. Learn the notes of the fretboard and think of scales as notes not shapes.
If you think too hard you'll hurt yourself, the scales you use for standard have the same basic shapes for a dropped tuning with the exception of the bottom string which is just a repetition of the 3rd string so don't strain yourself you'll get a feel for it eventually.
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learn the n-n-n-notes.

this is a win.

Arguably if you don't know enough basic theory to simply figure out where things have moved to then you shouldn't be playing in alternative tunings.
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Sort of mate but if you try playing heavy stuff like sepultura in standard by switching round the notes to higher positions it aint going to work alot of that stuff needs to be in B and C to get the bassy driving sound a low B on a guitar produces.
changing tunings means changing scalar shapes/positions, but the notes will still be the same. Its pretty difficult to play it if you got used to the standard scale shapes.