I bought a dean vendetta and long story short I need to replace the Pickups. Which kind of pickups are best for solos and allow a clear distortion sound. My old pick ups sound cheap and when in overdrive the distorted notes mush together and it sucks.
Any suggestions?
what's your current gear.
Also, i do know dean's stock pups (at least low ends) are really muddy, but changing the pups on an $100 doesn't make much sense...
I currently have a KB/A 60 Peavy Amp and a DigiTech XHR Hot Rod Distortion Pedal, and I'm looking into the digitech effects pedals
because the other ones are fried. I plug it into the amp and it just buzz's uncontrollably
need a different pedal, all the digitech pedals ive played buzz alot, get boss, i wish i had
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I think the buzz might be some loose wires. I had the same problem on my King V. you just have to solder the loose wires. I dunno how to solder so I gave it to my guitar teacher and he fixed it.
well i was planning on getting some new ones anyway. So which ones should i get?
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because the other ones are fried. I plug it into the amp and it just buzz's uncontrollably

"fried"? I highly doubt that. Have you looked inside for a loose wire or anything? That's more likely.

Pickups don't just fry, and they don't break easily.
Why, you ask? Because they're use in a completely passive circuit, with practically no voltage or anything going through it.
Besides, guitars from the 50's still have pickups that are still going strong. Think about that.

And I'm telling you, even if you were "planning to get new ones", you won't really benefit from them. You won't notice a significant change in tone, if any.
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use amp distortion its the best distortion and if gettign pedals use overdrive its what most pros do

It's only the 'best' distortion when it's a decent amp.

And don't bother getting new pickups. Get a new amp. Trust me, it would be worth the money.
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