im looking for a fuzz pedal and a wah pedal. The fuzz is really only for hendrix-esque tone, but the wah has to be really versatile to play anything from blues through to hard-ish rock (think alter bridge-type bands).

My price range is around £50-60 for the fuzz (but less if possible) and around £70 for the wah.

ive been looking at the little big muff and the bbe free fuzz for fuzz and vox v847 (can it do alter bridge??) ibanez weeping demon(is it worth the extra cash) for wah. If you have any other suggestions please tell me.

a vox wah, i think it's the v847? then for a fuzz, you could always make your own...
Thanks for the advice but i cant be stuffed to build my own fuzz

EDIT: How does the little big muff compare to the regular muff, ive heard it has less bottom end but is there anything else?