Hey everyone. i was looking at the RG5EX1 and it looked pretty good. can anyone compare it to the RG350EX/DX? they seem practically the same and i just was wondering.
Don't bother. It has an EDGE III which may hold up for awhile, but is notorious for breaking down and just becoming a tuning headache.

What's your budget and current gear?
get a tele.

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my budget is probably not much. my parents dont really want to get me a guitar so if i have to get it 400-500 is the highest i can go by myself. i also want to get an EVJ or a vox valvetronic so... my money situation is kinda tight. i was just browsing around though. if my parents will get me the guitar what should i get? i know that the edge 3 is not real good but im playing on a squier strat and 15g amp. anything is an upgrade XD

EDIT: oh and thanks for that useless tele comment.
Yeah GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and parents never seem to mix all that well...

Do you want on a trem on the guitar? If so, for Ibanez the lowest you want to go is the RG1570 in the RG series, which is about $900, but you can find them much cheaper new and used on eBay.

For the S series there's the S320 which is about $500 new and the trem is just as good if not better (preference).

If you don't need a trem, there are other options...
i think that i wont really need the trem. its kind of nice i guess for like the dive bombs and stuff but for a lot of the stuff im surei can figure out like harmonics etc for em. is there anything like the s320 that has 24 frets? not limited to ibanez. i know the trem on there is better but even something without a trem again could work. any suggs?