so this might belong in the guitar customization thread, but i wasnt sure?

so im buying a guitar off of ebay for a custom project im doing(making a Joker guitar ), and it comes with a free neck.
does this neck look scalloped to you?
and what kind of guitar does this look like? i cant figure it out, and the seller doesnt know **** about what hes selling..
thats why im getting it for 10 dollars

the one that's off the body? that's definitely scalloped.
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I acutally have one of these sitting in my closet LOL!. I can remember the brand, but it's made in Arlington, Texas. Where I lived for a brief while lol.
yea the one thats not attached is definitely scalloped, and for 10 bucks thats pretty good

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based on what i can see of the headstock it looks like a squier stat. i don't know about the scalloped part.