I'm really really really really sorry if I posted this question before, I've even searched my name on the forum to see if I posted it but I found nothing.

Anyway, it seems the reverb tank in my Blues Junior has been dead for quite some time, since about 2 or 3 months after I bought it to be precise.

They say if its just the cables, that shaking the amp should still make the rattling noise that spring reverb units are known for, and it doesn't seem to make that noise, in fact I don't think it ever did.

So is it just the cables, internal wire failure or just a broken tank?
i'm not an amp tech but i hear if you clean the contact points and holes for the RCA cables that sometimes helps. Cleaning contact solution or maybe rubbing alcohol and a Qtip would probably do it. Unplug amp from power.

you should be able to find a tank that will work on eBay and they are relatively cheap.
I've always heard not to open a tank. Any thruth to that? That you can end up making things worse and having a mess.

Actually, they don't look that complicated. I just googled Blues Junior Reverb Pan.
BJ reverb pan.JPG