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esp ltd ex 400
31 79%
esp ltd viper 400
8 21%
Voters: 39.
EX in white.
I love my...

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ok, i might get the ex afterall, but not in white i am planning to get it black it looks more brutal
I'm trying out the Viper 400 tomorow. I want a guitar that plays better than my epi but it more practical than my Jackson.

I don't think you can go wrong with any LTD 400 series. Anyway I'll tell you what the Viper is like tomorow if you want after i've played it.

But both guitars are very simular specs. Same neck profile, mahoganybodys, 24.75 scale lenge, EMG pups ext.
I hated the neck of the Viper 7 I played, but then again, it's a 7...
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I own a ex-50 ... it's like the ex-400 without EMG's...
The shape is brutal + it plays very well .
I'm pretty sure it sounds very sweet with Emg's
(got it in black but i wish it was white)

so..Ex for sure
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Hey just got back from trying out the LTD Viper-400 and it's awsome. So awsome that I'm going to get it hopefully before the end of the week.

I also tried out the ESP Viper witch is usually !,400 but they were selling for £900. And although the finnish and overall quality was impecable and the matte camo finnish was lush I didn't like the chunky neck on it. The LTD's neck was slim and the ESP's was like an old les paul. I'm kinda glad I preferd the cheap one because if I got the expensive one it would have blown my amp fund lol

So to TS the Viper-400 was amazing, but I didn't compare it to the EX so I duno if this really helps

EDIT: I've just found out that one the ESP website that both the ESP Viper and LTD Viper-400 apparantly have the 'thin U' neck contour but when I played them both the ESP's was so much fatter.

Anyway to TS i'd try out the EX-400 to find out if it has the same profile neck as the ESP Viper or LTD Viper-400 although I'd imagine it would be same as the Viper-400 because there both in the 400 series
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EX for sure

well, not that thats obligatorily, but it would be nice ;-)
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[quote="''] I want a guitar that plays better than my epi but it more practical than my Jackson.

OMG thats exactly what I want to do

but I'd get the viper (although I love the ex) as it has 24 frets
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I was expecting the 23rd and 24th frets on the Viper-400 to be to small to use because it has a 24.75 scale lengh but they were easy to use, especially with the awsome fret access. The ESP Viper had no heel so the fret access on that was amazing but as I said I wasn't keen on the chunky neck

But yea TS should try both guitars. It's no use listening to responses off people who probly havn't even played the guitars and are going off looks
yea i know that people just comapred them by looks, i believe the viper looks alot better than the ex, i have seen some videos but i just want to know from people with expreince with both the gutiar

anyway I_buy_peace if you go to your local guitar shop again, would you please tell me which one is better

i would really appreaciete it