Anyone knows brands that make those kinds of guitar ?

Thanks for your answers !

PS : I'm not asking for "superstrat" models

It may look like this vigier :
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Kuhr do them, but theyre damn expensive.

The vigier I showed is even more expensive lol...
That's why I'm looking for a brand that make cheaper ones... around 700-800$ would be ok.

Edit : for "Kuhr", you meant "Suhr" isn't it ? Because I don't know such a brand...
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You won't find one cheap... But that vigier is nice! If you got a small budget, an ibanez or schecter will be as close as you can get I suppose.
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dude u could make a warmoth srat style guitar with a 24 fret neck and a trem and it would cost about $600-$800 if u spend ur money wise
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There's that Heavy Metal Strat by Fender. Very 80s though. I mean, VERY 80s.

Oh well, it has everything you're asking for. But it will be expensive.

Ach well.
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