Hello, i've been playing the guitar for a year now (5 months of acoutsic + 7 months of electric) and have been playing thorugh the pathetic little ESP-10 amp that came with my electirc guitar (ESP f-10).
I have decided that for my birthday (coming august 15th) I'd like to get a new amp, I've been pondering getting the Vox AD15VT for quite some time now.
I play mainly muse, but also some led zepplin, queen, lenny kravitz and wolfmother.
I've seen/heard demos of the amp on youtube and I have been impressed by the tone available for some of the led zepplin and queen stuff.
I plan to use the amp for room practice, band practice and small gigging sometime in the future (but by that time i'll have to have advanced in skill enough to warrant getting a louder amp.)
Is a Vox AD15VT any good?
I have one, it's for its size, and the cleans sound great too. The distortion presets are alright, but I use a separate pedal for my distortion anyways. I wouldn't advise it for gigging though, because you'll have to mic it up to a PA system.
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how loud would you say it is?
because I konw tube amps are louder than SS, but the Valvetronox series are like halfy-halfy so i'm unsure
That tube plays does pretty much nothing to the tone of the amp. The amp still sounds good, but it is SS.

As for loudness, it's plenty loud for bedroom practice but it won't clear a drummer.
hey man, i have an AD30VT, just put clips up the other day, its only my classic rock tone i get, but thats what i like to play,

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