I just watched an F-16 fly overhead and do 4 or 5 loops around our lake at a very low altitude. It was carrying a full arsenal of bombs and missiles and it was flying near a small private plane (a Cessna I believe). I have no idea why this just happened and I was wondering if this has happened to anybody else. We dont live near any military base so there isnt much of a reason for fighter jets to be zooming around our neighborhood.
chances are that jet is from an air base, in other words, the army, so they can do pretty much whatever they want.
I love going to my grandparents house for that reason. They live next to the St. Johns River in Florida and on the other side is an Air Force base and every morning they take off and you see them flying right above their house. It's really amazing to watch. I was there when they were having a mock war with Georgia. They would take off and you can hear the gun fire and stuff, it was great.
it was probally a training exercise dude. don't let it worry you
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