Is there any humbucker that will get me close to a better hendrix tone, i can get a decent hendrix tone at the moment but im looking for a really good pickup set that will get me an almost strat sound from my artcore.
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hendrix = strat = single coils
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My 2Face will get you closer than anything else I know of. The seymour duncan stagmag comes in second but neither will give you hendrix tone when you are in humbucker mode. The only way to get hendrix tone from any humbucker is with a split coil switch.
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im not sure about actual pickup sets, but I play a Schecter C1+ and its got dual buckers and a coil tap, and i can get some pretty good hendrix tones when im playing with the single coil sounds, so that might be something to think about. (not getting the guitar, though it is nice) Look for a set you can tap to get that single coil sound.