ive always been enamored by jaguars and jazzmasters
but fender just let off those new mexican made ones that are almost half the price, so its a bit more realistic now, even if $800 isnt really realistic for me being a complete newbie or whatever

but i always wondered would a 24 inch neck be too small? being pretty tall i tend to leave it fairly low since i like to have my strumming arm loose

the drawback is that this can make it hard to do chords lower down the neck

so is 24 too small?

guitar i have by the way is i think a 25 inch scale
Do you mean the distant between the frets or the fret size?

24 frets fretboard does not have any more fret spacing than 22 frets. It's just that the neck extends 2 more frets into the body. The scale length always measured from the nut to the bridge.

At least that how it is last time i measured my guitars...

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he means scale length, which is the length from bridge to nut, and it varies from guitar to guitar.....
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dude if ur really used to ur 25' neck then i would recommend sticken to the 25' causes u said ur a bigger dude that would mean ur hands are big so that would make it a but hared to do solo's and stuff like that i would think but IDK
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I had an Epi LP that was the standard 24.75 inch scale, and I moved to a Strat (25.5) and I like it more.

I am fairly tall as well, and have longer fingers, so I think it's preferable, but not always necessary.