look at my band, Aeon Of Chaos. We play melodeath/metal/loligags. so just check us out. we did a pretty radical cover of breaking the law by judas priest. and pursuit of vikings by amon amarth. so check us out and tell what you think.


**** emo

lol. thank god hes gotten better since those recordings. the drummer has too. if i were you, i would have lol'd at the drums. haha

Yeah the drums seemed off although I never pay attention to the drums in songs, but just hearing what he was hitting in Pursuit of Vikings seemed off. The singer didn't really sound like he was growling rather he sounded like he was trying to make his normal voice as deep as possible.

The guitar was very good the only thing I can complain about there is the cover songs seemed to have a reduced tempo.

I don't recall hearing the bass >_>

Very good.
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