i like the tone i can get with the metal zone (which isnt exactly a heavy pantera tone, more of a pearl jam alice in chains distortion) but the wah pedal sounds terrible with the mt-2.

i only have enough money for a pedal preferably in the 100$ range

so i need some help on what other GOOD distortion pedals sound good with the wah and my amp.

Spider III
Vox V847
Ltd ec-1000
Mt-2 Metal Zone
(jus in case you need to know)

thanx a lot
the vox wah's are not good with hi gain, they're more for clean/low gain wah sounds... Check out the Dunlop 535q, it will be more suited to all playing styles, not just clean like the vox
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535Q is a great versatile wah.
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i took it so the store and the guy played it with high gain and it sounded good
but when he used the mt-2 its really noisy and doesnt have a good "wah" sound
you dont need a good distortion pedal to sound good with your wah, you need a different kind of wah, but more importantly a different kind of amp.
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yea thats one thing the guy said was to get a new amp( tube) but i dont have the money for that right now
i see. if thats the case, then dont use the MT-2 (its a terrible pedal). its definately worse than your amps distortion.
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also, when i went to the store he played it through a spider III(my amp) and it sounded good, just not with the mt-2
Quote by ManInTheBox77
also, when i went to the store he played it through a spider III(my amp) and it sounded good, just not with the mt-2

yea dont use the pedal.
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what pedal would would you recommend where i can still get a good sistortion tone but that will sound good with the wah at the same time?
none. A pedal isnt going to sound good through your amp. just use the amps distortion. that is your best option.
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i tried messing around with the amps distortion but i cant get a good tone that i really like
well i dont know what to tell you, IMO, a pedal isnt going to help your tone. if you like your MT-2 better then just deal with the wah not sounding so good.
if you really want a pedal, then get a metal muff.
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If you want a wah, I would recommend the Weeping Demon
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i see, is the metal muff versatile? cuz like i said i dont really play metal anymore i like more grungy pearl jam and alice and chains sound.

ive heard a lot about the ts-9 tubescreamer
is that worth trying?
the ts-9 isnt a distortion pedal its a overdrive. it wont have as much gain as you need. also it wont sound nearly as good through your spider as it will through a tube amp.
the metal muff is very versatile.
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no prob.
What i would really recommend is just deal with what you have and save yourself 100 bucks. A pedal probably wont fix all your tone needs. Save up for a beginning tube amp IE valveking, classic 30, b52 at112 ect or whatever suits your needs. there all decently priced used and even cheaper new and 100 dollars goes a long way.
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