Ok, so I'm working on writing songs for an album that I am eventually going to record. This is one of the ones I came up with and I'm thinking about scraping it for the project. It kind of disrupts the style I'm trying to create (Iggy Pop meets The Doors), but nonetheless its something. For your descriptive viewing pleasure, some stuff sounding straight from an L.A. rock band.

"Hard Rock Junkie"

Wasting your days in beverly hills
walkin' around with time to kill
playing music to make your pay
try not to waste your life away

Livin' fast for rock an' roll
givin it your heart and soul
but baby when you sing your song,
be dreamin' of you all night long.

Hard Rock Junkies gonna live for today
makin' some music to pass the day
hooked on a drug, legal and free
the hard rock made for you and me.
Why are you reading this?
I like it. Except the parts where you seem to suggest that it's not rock 'n' roll to (a) waste your life away; (b) take a not-so-legal drug, of some sort.
Also, rock is free?! As Axl Rose once said, "You downloading mother****er!"

(despite my objections, I do actually like that line though)