Ok my chord progression is C-G-Em-D
I strum up and down a total of four times and have to switch to the next chord without skipping a beat
but this is wear my fingers start messing up. When I go from C to G, my third finger cant get to the string E1 in time and instead gets to the B before it. From there I go to Em which is a really easy chord for me and I get it all the time. Then I go to D, which I ALWAYS mess up, it seems hard to get the D chord right without slowing down. And then i loop, so I go from D to C, and sometimes my 2nd and 3rd fingers both hit the A string instead. Are there any tips anyone has to offer to help me increase my performance. (I am already practicing alot, haha, I have not really left this alone but it seems im getting nowhere)
Any help is appreciated
Beware : I am honest, but not brutal
Use you 4th finger to fret the E1 string for G. This is a better way since it is less of a stretch.

What fingers do you use to play D? I use my 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

My only advice other than 'Practise, practise, practise' which you say you already are doing (which is good) would be get a metrononme to practise with. If you already are then slow down your playing to a tempo at which you can nail the chord prog every time then gradually build up speed from there. i.e. Up the tempo 10 bpm each time.
Ok its nighttime and I am thankful for the metronome suggestion.
I can now play this at 162 bpm, thank you once again
I think i need to go a little faster than that, but I will just have to do more in the morning.
Overall I progressed ALOT more than I normally have today.
Beware : I am honest, but not brutal