Well, last year i bought a mexican fender fat strat. I was extremely satisfied, but as time went along i started to notice that the humbucker just doesn't really fit in with the other coils.

So, my plan is to buy a new pickguard and some custom shop '69 single coils and just forget about the humbucker.

My question is, will the fact that this was at some point a humbucker guitar affect the sound quality of the new single-coil?
probably not

most strats are now routed for a HSH setup no matter what they've got.... and maybe you could tell the difference from a couple of grams of wood from an SSS routing...but probably not

theres no magnetic fields that stay around or anything of that sort
Before you do this try a SSS strat and just make sure it isn't the treble end you dislike more, I prefer the neck pick up on my strat for most tones... personally, maybe it's the way I have everything set up.
thanks, yeah that was the only real concern i had, was those little pieces of wood that were missing from the humbucker spot

and the reason i wanted to take it out was because it draws in way too much distortion for my liking, even with the gain on my Marshall 50 set to 2. And I also prefer the neck pickup.

thanks guys