Hi, I attend the University of Indianapolis and have been thinking about starting a band, influenced heavily on Pink Floyd (Psychedelic, Progressive), but other musical genres as well.

I play guitar, influenced heavily by Classic Rock, David Gilmour mostly. Looking for guys who are willing to have some fun, this will mostly be a college band looking to have some fun gigging in the Indy area. For the most part we'll do covers, ranging from all different types of music, I'm pretty open to what other people want to do, as long as everyone's having fun, that's the goal. Despite this, I still want to maintain a certain amount of professionalism in practice and in public, just gotta be responsible and loyal mainly. I don't need the world's greatest musicians, just some guys who are open-minded and dedicated enough to learn their parts and respect the thoughts of others.

Let me know if your interested or have any questions,