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Les Paul
9 53%
1 6%
5 29%
1 6%
1 6%
Voters: 17.
SO which do you like the best?

EDIT: i Redid the thread cause i worded it wrong my b
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One word... preference. They're all good guitars.

You could have all of UG tell what to get, but when you try it out you hate and want something different and no one would be wrong.

Solution... go to a guitar shop and try them for yourself, because your opinion is all that really matters.

EDIT: This is bordering on being a versus thread, so if you have a budget or specific questions I would post them to keep this from being closed...

I'm pretty sure that I got that pretty much word for word...
Gibson Marauder is, in my opinion the best, but you'll have trouble trcking one down.
i like explorers especially when outfitted with EMG 81/85's.
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shape , right?
too many people go for a lp....
double cutaway lp juniors look badass .... however there is no such option... so u chose SG
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its a versus thread, so...

posting b4 close!

anyway, i like them all for seperate reasons.

SG for its "throw-around-ability-ness" on stage

LP for its sound

firebird coz it looks the sexeist

X coz its looks the best

V i just dont like though

but, all my own opinion.
LP classic is a hell of a guitar. If you have the money run out and buy a LP classic antique its great. If you dont have the money atleast buy the '59 humbuckers that come in it.
Les Paul Standard, but the Gibson SG Standard is really good too. Recently got a Les Paul Classic, it's also nice. For guitars under 1500 - get a SG Standard. Over, Les Paul Standard.