Ive been playing guitar for around 7 months now but Im disappointed with the progress Ive made. The problem goes like this: I finish doing all my finger excercises and sight read really easy songs on my children's guitar method, and then I move onto trying to learn a new song. But then as I look into it theres usually a part that looks beyond my ability and so I give up on the song entirely (perhaps learn a bar or two). Ive therefore never learnt a whole song and jammed along... its getting really frustrating now, i can play fast runs note for note, but when stuff like a series of bends and complex timing comes in I just say **** it.

So it seems some people here get quite far by mostly playing songs - am I correct? I also need some advice on songs I could learn which aren't too difficult but could improve some aspects of my playing e.g. legato technique. Roughly how long does it take to learn a song? I usually spend 2 days (30mins-1hr a day) per song before saying Ill leave it until Ive mastered the skills required on a simpler song before challenging the beast
Don't be so hard on yourself. Understand your limit so you know when to push yourself and when to just move on. You actually sound pretty advanced for seven months.

I had the same issue for awhile, but I've learned to just accept that some things are out of my grasp. Just find some songs you can play front to back. No matter how easy it is, it will give you at least a small confidence boost.

On a side note, don't judge yourself by how good people on UG think they are. Most of the time they think they're way better than they actually are. Plus it's not rare to have people completely lie too.
Firstly, you need to discover some songs that are in your playing ability and appeal to you. The best thing to do would to find out what your favourite style of music is. I'm taking from your name, that you like metal and rock. Black Sabbath - Paranoid is an easy rock song (even if it is a bit overplayed). Smells Like Teen Spirit, Smoke On The Water, Iron Man, Back In Black, Enter Sandman (except the solo's) are all - again - simple songs that almost everybody learns just to get them on the way.

As for time, you should be able to discover immediately by listening to it, whether it is too advanced for you. You could have a go to see if you could surprise yourself but don't dwell on it for too long.

Hope that helps you a bit devildriver1.
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it can take weeks on weeks to completely learn and perfect a song.

If anyone tells you that they can just look at a song and play it flawlessly in one sitting they are full of ****.
This guy knows what he is telling you.
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You're not too much of a perfectionist, that's a good quality to have, but you're too impatient - you're not going to get "good" in just 7 months, you're barely getting started. However, attention to detail and striving to get thigs perfect will stand you in good stead and help you progress, just don't put too much pressure on yourself. You don't have to learn everything at once, just concentreate on the more basic, fundamental things for the time being, learn simple songs but learn them well.
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learn simple songs but learn them well.

there's some good advice for you. find a simple song that seems easy enough to play, and play and keep playing. make yourself play it until you can play it all the way through. don't just give up because if you have the patience and will to take the song all the you'll make much more progress than just doing a couple riffs and then finding a new song.
well i just started like 3 weeks ago and i can already play blink 182 songs so i guess try them they are pretty easy
Don't be discouraged...I was the same when I was at 7 months...now I am better with some easier solos (a lil over a year now), but the complex stuff still gets me.
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