I guess they could also be labeled as kinda Indy-ish or Alternative-ish but idk..
For those of you who have heard them then I'm pretty sure you know that their singer is absolutely amazing. He rates up there with Brandon from Incubus in my opinion. Not exactly the same voice or style, but just talent-wise, they are pretty damn close.

They write great songs that relate to everyday life, yet they are so original. Great lyrics with deep meaning. Nothing spectacular when it comes to guitar. I wouldn't say they are all that much guitar driven. I mean of course it plays a huge roll in their songs because they are Alternative/Modern Rock...but it's not like a guitar solo in every song with heavy guitar melodies. The drummer is pretty good too.

But yeah, they are a damn good band in my book. Not all that popular yet (when it comes to the radio I guess..) but for those of you that have heard them, I'm pretty sure you can agree with me on most of what I just typed. For those of you who havn't listened to them, please do.
A few songs to get some of you started (Their best songs in my opinion): Dismantle. Repair, Adelaide, The Unwinding Cable Car, Day Late Friend, Paperthin Hymn, Stationary Stationary, and Never Take Friendship Personal.

Those are my favorites.
I used to be into these guys a few years ago. I've lost a bit of interest since then. When I saw them live, his voice really sucked. I dunno if it was that one performance or what, but I was a bit disappointed.

They do have some very catchy songs though.
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