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I know Rock Lobster and Loveshack, and they are quite wonderful. What would be a good album by them to start with?
I bought 'The Time Capsule Greatest Hits' a while ago because it was cheap.

It's got most of the notable songs on. So I'd recommend that.

Private Idaho is a good song
Private Idaho is the only song by them I really like. I've only heard their really popular songs and aside from the aforementioned one, they're rather annoying.
I was just in Barnes and Noble and I heard a song that didn't suck in the checkout line and it was a B-52 song from their new album.

I figured it out from the vocals.

I've never liked Rock Lobster. Family Guy version was alright though
I bought the time capsule thinger too
Some of them really annoy me, but others are pure gold. Too lazy to go look up which ones fall into which category.

My aunt and uncle were friends with them in Athens when they were just starting out. But not anymore
Same here. I find that this thread does not belong here.
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My mom likes the B-52's. I used to listen to her Cosmic Thing cassette all the time when I was a kid and cars still had cassette players. I here Rock Lobster and Love Shack at work all the time. Rock Lobster's guitar riff is neat.
I think they belong here. They aren't all that punk, but where else do they belong? Anyway, there was a top ten guitar heros of punk article on UG a few weeks back and their guitarist was on it. And if its an article on UG, it MUST be right.
The song 52 girls is a really catchy one
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I like The B-52s, my mom, like Tom's, also likes them.
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The B-52's are a new wave group, which as we all know was an extension from the punk movement, you silly gooses.

In all honesty, if we can talk about divvy bollocks like Minor Threat and Less Than Jake, we can talk about the B-52's as well.

So quit the friggin' whining, OK?
^It's an extention, but it doesn't sound very similar. Fall Out Boy could be considered an extention from punk (albeit distant), but everyone would have a hissy fit if there was a FOB thread. I don't dislike the B-52s, but it seems unfair to allow them here. I don't really care, though. I'm not going to lose sleep over a thread for a new wave band.
There's a huge difference between modern pop rock, some of it is influenced by bands that were influenced by punk, and new wave bands.
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Quote by element4433
There's a huge difference between modern pop rock, some of it is influenced by bands that were influenced by punk, and new wave bands.

This gentleman speaks the truth.

Plus, the B-52's weren't exactly a generic new wave band, they were pushing the boat out by incorporating archaic surf styles and fusing them with new technology. They had a love for old time fun and rock and roll.

I think that as a genre, punk needs to accept these free spirits over bandwagon jumpers, no matter how much the bandwagon jumpers sound like conventional punk groups.
You're a douchebag Brian. I made a thread on them no more than two months ago.

Anywho, now that our conflict is resolved, I really enjoy the B-52s. I would say that they are very punk. The majority of the band is gay, and what's punker than that?
I just realised that the '52' in '52 girls' refers to be band.

I thought that it was a completely random number
That's one of my favorite songs by them. Thinking about it right now, I don't consider their first record to be new wave, though that's what it's most often labeled. I think it's to happy, catchy, and guitar driven to be new wave. I might be biased, however, because I don't like many bands that I've heard described as new wave, and I like the B-52's
Being happy and catchy and guitar driven doesn't make it NOT new wave.

The Knack were a new wave band, and my Sharona was happy (ish) and unfortunately very catchy. And it was guitar driven, it has like 3 overblown solos.

You're confusing new wave for goth, which was just one aspect of the movement.

The Jam considered themselves to be new wave too, mainly because all the punks rightly thought that they were a bunch of mod revivalist little pussies that by and large liked exactly the same things as their dads.
That all makes sense. Like I said, I'm biased since I like the band, but not the label, so I'm likely to try to call them something else. I guess when I think of new wave, I think of synths, and while those are quite prevalent in the B-52's, they also have songs that hardly use them.
Quote by element4433
There's a huge difference between modern pop rock, some of it is influenced by bands that were influenced by punk, and new wave bands.

I realize that. I was pointing out that many genres can be considered extentions of the "punk movement." Perhaps thrash metal would have been a better example.

I don't see how the fact that the B-52s weren't "generic new wave" is relevent. By that logic, any band doing something original should be discussed in this forum. Vampire Weekend fuses American pop styles with elements of African music. We don't talk about them here. Besides, they suck.
new wave is alot closer to punk than thrash metal, though. New Wave is pretty much a subgenre of punk, whereas trash is a whole different genre (and is closer to metal than punk).
You're right. Thrash metal is an equally crappy comparison. Thrash was a fusion genre between hardcore and metal, as opposed to new wave, which was a completely different style.

Punk and New Wave developed alongside each other. While the Ramones were playing at CBGBs, so were the Talking Heads. They were closely related, but their music was obviously different. I don't think it's fair to consider them part of the same genre, even if they were part of the same music scene. A few years later in the UK, the differences between punk and new wave seem to have been even more obvious. I doubt many p0nx of that time accepted new wave bands as part of their genre. I'm sure some did, but I don't think the majority did.

Let's just agree to disagree. No one is going to change someone else's opinion over the internet.
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Didn't one of the girls from B-52's play bass for Gang of Four for a while?

Oops, I guess I got that confused a bit.
Sara Lee, who played with Gang of Four, played bass/keyboards/backing vox on Cosmic Thing, says wiki.
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Quote by werty22
I doubt many p0nx of that time accepted new wave bands as part of their genre. I'm sure some did, but I don't think the majority did.

On the contrary, almost all of the original punks moved to new wave after the vicious clones took over punk in 1978 because it more correctly encapsulated the punk spirit.

But yeah, this is pretty much the right forum to discuss new wave anyway.

And to prove it, I'll make a poll about the talking heads and see if it gets moved to the new wave forum.
I'm gonna let certain New Wave bands stay in here because they don't really have anywhere else to go, and are pretty relevant to punk. B-52's are okay I think.

Anyway, I love them lots and lots.
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