I've hit a bit of a rut in my playing. I've been teaching myself for about two years. I've had one guitar lesson, and all the guy did was give me a tab for a Coheed and Cambria song, and the major and minor scales. Since then, I've gone on to learn all the solos in One by Metallica, which I thought was pretty impressive, seeing as how my uncle's been playing for 38 years and still can't do it.

But I don't know where to go next. I want to learn good songs, and I really want to learn how to play challenging solos, but I know there's a lot I can't do. I was considering trying to learn the solo in Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria, since I already know the rest of the song. I'm also tempted to try Master of Puppets, but don't think I'm that good. Just looking at that tab confuses me.

Anyways, I just want a couple of tips, as to whether I should focus on learning more scales and theory, or what songs I should look to for challenges. Any help will be appreciated.
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Never ever ever tell yourself "you're not good enough" to play a song. If you can't play it up to speed, then start slow and work your way up to the actual speed.

Listen to various genres of music, stuff you wouldn't even normally like. You might end up loving it! I couldn't stand death metal when I first learnt guitar, but now I love it!

You'll soon find at least 10 songs you want to learn.
go with scales and theory
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Master of Puppets is really easy hard as hell. Especially Even if you can play One.


I could help you out with theory if you want. PM me any questions you have.
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