So my friend bought a white custom shop Epiphone SG a few weeks ago.
He figured out that it's actually worth about twice what he paid for it.
So the other day I was taking it out of his case (which is actually an AK47 bag)
and I picked it up and it slipped out the bottom. I didn't realize it until a little bit later, that it had hit his bed and part of the paint seems to have scratched off. Luckily he hasn't noticed yet, so does anyone know a way I could fix this? Even if I have to tell him I did it, if there's a way to fix it and have it unnoticeable then it'd be cool.
Regardless if you fix it, tell him.

I hear nail polish works alright.

EDIT: It worries me there's more talk in this thread on how to pass the blame then on how to fix the paint...
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Tell him he did it?

Unless you want to be a good friend... I dunno. Did he see you drop it?

Yeah, go with that.

He saw me drop it though, haha.
It's kinda his fault. I was taking it out of the case, and I was in his room, so I picked up the case to move out of his way, and then BANG! So when he sees it, he'd probably know I did it.
If he asks you, act like you don't know that it scratched when you dropped it. If he says that you did it for sure, apologize, and keep telling him you had no idea.
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Well, if it's "kinda" his fault, then...

Wait, did he leave the case unlatched? If so, that's like 90-95% his fault. That's an accident waiting to happen.

Well noo, it's a soft AK47 bag that he was using like a gig bag. I had unzipped it, and not paying attention to the fact that I had unzipped it from the bottom, I lifted it up and it slid out.
Not a far drop, but the connection with the bed didn't do it any good.
If its pretty new, don't show him, he will get PISSED. Wait a little then after the newness has sorta worn off he won't be so protective/OMFG IT HAS A SCRATCH.
i wouldnt really give a **** if my mate smashed my guitar lol ... you can always buy another one for 20 bucks :P
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i wouldnt really give a **** if my mate smashed my guitar lol ... you can always buy another one for 20 bucks :P

where is this unlimited supply of $20 guitars?
It all depends on what kind of paint... some finished are significantly harder to repair than others.

I doubt there's anything you can do by yourself to fix it permanently.
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So he was using a zippered soft gun case for his guitar thats worth more than he payed for? Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Also sounds like he should have invested a little money in a decent case for his guitar. Crap happens move on. But patching a paint job so its not noticable is pretty difficult.
show him first, he probably wont care too much after awhile. I used to care especially from belt buckle rash on the back of a guitar, now I don't.